Dear citizens of the United States of America,

We are living in a post-Constitutional era.   For the first time in the short history of this once great nation, our children and grandchildren are at risk of inheriting a country far worse than what we inherited from our parents and grandparents. Our government is spending recklessly, ignoring law, and writing new law via thousands of pages of regulations annually.  Our court system, particularly the Supreme Court has also been infiltrated with activist judges whose rulings are founded on ideology, ignoring the Constitution.

After years of listening to and being inspired by the “Great One” – Mark Levin, we have created this blog to share our conservative response to the liberal narrative. If you are an avid listener or have occasionally listened to his radio show (Marklevinshow.com), you may have heard him refer to “backbenchers”.  He often uses this term in a negative light, referring to those in the media who are “followers” rather than “leaders”,  Though there are varying origins for the term, “backbencher”, a common definition is “a member of the British Parliament or a similar legislative body who is not a party leader”.

Recognizing we are simply concerned citizens who want to make a difference, we rely on the teachings, research, and Constitutional insight provided from the likes of Mark Levin.  In doing so, we are proud to be “followers”.  Our objective is to spread truths, debunk false narratives, and share the conservative values held by equally concerned citizens of the United States of America.    Yes my friends, we are “Backbenchers.us”.