You can’t handle the truth!


You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth! 


What a day it was yesterday for presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.  I have to admit that as soon as the news came out regarding the scholarship offer at West Point, my heart sank.  Whether or not he is the candidate I would endorse, one thing that I felt confident about was his integrity.  As the day wore on, it became obvious that this was just another chapter in the unending story of lies propagated by the liberal media.  This time it was the pretend media agency Politico, that attempted to smear this candidate.

I was pleased to see Dr. Carson take the media to task at a press conference later in the day (seen here).  Thankfully, he once again exposed the fake media for what they are and offered several examples of media bias.  Similar to the last Republican Presidential Debate, the line of questioning and reporting demonstrate little more than an attempt to smear him as they do with other republican candidates.  But as is often the case, they come up short.

Allen West posted about this very thing earlier today and cited a tweet by Carol Roth that also exposed the media double standard (seen here).rothtweet

I don’t recall anyone in the mainstream media holding  Obama’s feet to the fire back then, do you?  Sure, there will be those who say FoxNews was pushing that agenda.  That’s true, but where was everyone else?

It would be nice to see the media demonstrate even half as much enthusiasm when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her trail of deception.  Just today we have this story from AOL regarding Hillary and her email (again Politico is right in the thick of it).  hillary-clinton

It’s one thing to not report on her deceptions, it’s completely another thing to protect her and come to her defense!

There’s this little thing called the Espionage Act and for quite some time now Mark Levin has been beating this drum regarding Hillary Clinton’s illicit activity as Secretary of State.  In August,  National Review picked up on this and there is an excellent article by  Charles C. W. Cooke which provided very good insight into possible violations.

The problem we face however, is that the mainstream media has a highway of mis-information and propaganda.  A highway habitually traveled by far too many people in this country.  A highway that protects the left and federal bureaucracy.  A highway that served to elect Barack Obama to the presidency.  And they won’t get off that highway and own up to their mistakes and mis-information.  If we aren’t careful, that highway will lead to electing Hillary or the other socialist to the presidency.  Do you want to take our country back?0 If we want to once again prosper and embrace liberty, we must find it within ourselves to work hard at spreading the truth and exposing the media stream of lies. Because the media and the left can’t handle the truth!


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