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Big Government….it’s not just the IRS 

FBC debateWe heard a lot about big government during last night’s Republican Debates on Fox Business Channel. There were several references to our current tax code, the IRS, and how both are strangling the American worker and the American economy.  The call to abolish the IRS and to institute either a Flat Tax or Fair Tax should be cheered by anyone truly interested in rebuilding our manufacturing industries and the American economy.  This writer happens to favor the Fair Tax for one simple reason: it taxes everyone, fairly. Since the Flat Tax is still an income-based tax, those who earn their incomes illegally (drug dealers, criminals, illegal workers paid in cash) don’t declare any income and will continue to avoid taxes while honest,  law-abiding and hard-working  American citizens will continue to pay.  While those drug dealers, criminals and illegals don’t declare their income they do, however, buy things.  Since the Fair Tax is essentially a national sales tax, it is collected at the point of purchase.  As a result, those who have avoided taxation for years will suddenly be paying taxes and contributing to the tax base.  The Fair Tax also includes in the tax base those from other countries who are here on student visas, vacationing, or otherwise enjoying this great country.   Those people also buy things while they are here and will, accordingly, contribute to the tax base.

Moving to either a Fair or a Flat Tax will go a long way toward reducing the size irsof our government, especially since the IRS will be abolished.  But what is BIG GOVERNMENT exactly? No one summed it up better than Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions who Tweeted a picture of President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty legislation earlier this week.

According to Sessions the proposed legislation is 5,554 pages long, over 2 feet high and weighs 100 pounds.  That’s big–and that, my friends, is BIG GOVERNMENT.   It’s the Executive Branch pushing through monstrous pieces of legislation that can’t possibly be reviewed or understood by the American public prior to passage.  Remember Nancy Pelosi telling us that we had to pass Obamacare, another incredibly large and complex piece of legislation, in order to know what’s in it?  President Obama disingenuously urged Americans to read all 5,554 pages and 2 million words of the TPP and decide for themselves [Note that there are approximately 800,000 words in the King James Bible].  (To see the proposed legislation, click HERE.)   Good luck–the Table of Contents alone is dizzying.

And that’s not the worst of it. Once this type of legislation is passed, new government agencies are created and thousands upon thousands of pages of regulations are promulgated and imposed upon the American people.  Under Dodd-Frank a brand new agency, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, was created. There are already approximately 18,000 pages of regulations that have been issued by the CFPB, all of which have the power of law.  Check out the regulations for yourself at

It was great to hear the candidates discuss their tax plans.  It’s an excellent start and we definitely need to start somewhere.  We need more though. We need to discuss how we reign in a monstrous federal government that passes voluminous and complicated pieces of legislation coupled with thousands and thousands of pages of regulations.  It’s not only the IRS and the tax code that have a choke-hold on this country.

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