Time to Retire McCain


Arizona Needs to Retire John McCain

I respect John McCain for being a veteran and serving our country.  Many will say he was heroic, and for his time served in the US Navy, I thank him.  However, his time served as a US Senator needs to come to an end.  In recent years he has let emotion get in the way of objectivity.  Allow me to explain…

McCainJohn McCain has been long considered an establishment republican.  He was originally elected to the US House of Representatives in 1982 and to the US Senate in 1986.  He has served in Congress for nearly 35 years.  In those 35 years, he has enjoyed his share of shining moments as well as controversy including the Keating 5 scandal.  In his last bid for re-election to the US Senate in 2010, McCain was criticized for frequently changing positions and being soft on issues.  He liked to mold himself as a conservative, but never received the solid backing of the Tea Party Movement (a strong conservative base).  It wasn’t until Sarah Palin, a solid conservative, jumped into the fray and offered her support to McCain, that he succeeded.

Despite McCain receiving the support of much of the conservative base during his last election, he has historically abandoned that base while in office.  ConservativeReview.com has consistently rated John McCain with a very low Liberty Score.  Currently he scores at “41%”, with an F rating.  Recently, he has voted to fund Obamacare, fund Obama’s illegal Amnesty, raise the debt ceiling, and fund Planned Parenthood among other things.  But what is equally troubling to me is not just his vote on these key, but his incessant bashing of Senate conservatives like Mike Lee (UT), and particularly Ted Cruz (TX).

Both of these junior senators appealed to the conservative voters in their respective states and were elected to the US Senate (Lee in 2010 and Cruz in 2012).  Mike Lee has earned a 100% Liberty Score at ConservativeReview.com,  and may be considered a more solid conservative than Ted Cruz (97% Liberty Score).  But it was Cruz who more dc listenfrequently stepped out into the political spotlight and voiced his concerns about the establishment in Washington.  He even coined the phrase, “Make DC Listen” to spread the truth about Washington.  His words fell on the ears of many conservatives throughout the country and helped fuel the flames against a mighty republican establishment.  Along the way, Cruz has made enemies (none of which he has been apologetic for) which included the mainstream media and establishment members of both bodies of Congress, especially John McCain.

In September 2013, Ted Cruz stood before the Senate and spoke for nearly 22 hours in opposition to Obamacare.  Many republicans, including McCain chose to abandon Cruz in his efforts.  To make matters worse, not only did John McCain abandon Cruz, he stood on the Senate floor and berated Cruz for his stance.  McCain said, “We fought as hard as we could in a fair and honest manner and we lost. I campaigned all over America for two months, everywhere I could, and in every single campaign rally I said and we have to repeal and replace Obamacare. Well, the people spoke. . . . That doesn’t mean that we give up our efforts to try to replace and repair Obamacare. But it does mean that elections have consequences.”  McCain made clear the republican position of surrender.

In Ted Cruz’s book, A Time for Truth, he opens with a story of how Washington works and the problems with the republican establishment.  He writes, “…members of the Republican leadership stood before us (at a Tuesday Republican luncheon) and asked every senator to join with the Democrats in granting unanimous consent to lower the 60-vote threshold to take up the debt ceiling to just 50 votes.

None of us should oppose this, we were told, and for two reasons.  First, if we lowered the threshold, then the “clean” debt ceiling would pass, and that was very much the outcome the leadership assumed each of us really desired.  And second, if we consented to lowering the threshold, Democrats would then have the votes to raise the debt ceiling on their own.  We could all vote no.  This way we could return home and tell the voters that we had opposed raising the debt ceiling, right after consenting to let it happen.”

Surely Cruz’s disclosure of such back room politics didn’t sit well with the establishment and McCain.  That brings us to this week.  The week following the atrocities in Paris.  Once a self-described conservative, McCain takes sides with Obama regarding Syrian refugees.  Despite the thirty plus governors and conservative base that oppose Obama’s position, McCain supports it.  Or does he?  McCain came out and called Cruz’s position on the Syrian refugee issue “shameful” and “not American”.    It makes one wonder, does John McCain really support Obama, or does he just dislike Ted Cruz so much that he is willing to compromise on principles?  After all, Cruz has rocked the boat of the establishment republicans.  Has emotion clouded McCain’s reasoning?  This writer believes so.

Please Arizona, it’s time to retire John McCain.

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