California Driving US Crazy!

I know this is relatively old news, but it is important to address since it has potential implications for the upcoming elections.  Back in October, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law, a bill which would open the door for illegal aliens to vote in local, state, and federal elections (“Motor Voter Law”).  Essentially anyone who holds a California drivers license will automatically be registered to vote via the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database. 1969To be fair, the bill holds the Secretary of State’s Office responsible for checking voter eligibility of those who become registered to vote.  This would only make sense since some of those who acquire a drivers license are likely to be underage and ineligible to vote.  But what about those who have entered the country illegally?  California has also made it legal for illegal aliens (an oxymoron if there ever was one, or perhaps it’s just plain moronic) to obtain a state drivers license.  The new “Motor Voter Law” all but guarantees an increase in voter fraud.  It will be a difficult task for the state to distinguish between citizen and non-citizen holders of drivers licenses.

Home Owner’s Associations do not allow non-residents to vote on bi-laws. Universities only allow eligible members to vote on academic related issues. Only shareholders are eligible to vote for corporate policy and board of directors, etc.. So why would Jerry Brown do this?  voteThe argument coming out of the governor’s office is that the bill was a response to low voter turnout.  By automatically registering people to vote, turnout would increase.  Of course the problem with this argument is that part of this increase is likely to come from non-citizens.  The “Motor Voter Law” is gerrymandering in disguise.  A democratic governor is well aware of the impact this will have on the construct of the voting populace in his state.  A state which has the highest number of electoral votes for the upcoming presidential election in 2016.

We need to protect the integrity of our election process.  Voting is not a human right granted to everyone.  It is a right given only to those who meet specific criteria that makes them eligible.  I encourage all eligible voters to vote.  Your voice and vote is very important.  But its value is diminished and tarnished if we cannot protect the integrity of the process.

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