Climate Fraud


A Con Job!

Global Cooling errrr… Global Warming errrr…Climate Change could be the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people.  Over 31,000 scientists have refuted the idea that humans bear any responsibility for changes in the climate. Regardless of the term used to describe it, this is just another example of deception the left uses to advance their ideology.

Sadly, leaders of the leftist (progressive) movement exploit their followers by tugging at their heartstrings.  They peddle their narrative, throwing around terms that instill fear into the hearts and minds of their followers. They are alarmists.   They create terms like “carbon pollution” and “greenhouse gases”. They use global warmingdescriptive phrases that are intended to sell you on their ideology.  You hear them talk about the ice caps melting.  The temperature of the earth is increasing (or decreasing depending on their objective).  This is fear mongering at its best. And to top it all off, they go to extremes to label anyone who doesn’t believe in their trail of deception as haters or greedy capitalists.  Diversion is their friend.

So what is this all about?  The truth is, Climate Change is simply a facade used to stunt economic growth and development, and to derail capitalism.  We don’t have to look far to put the pieces of this puzzle together.  Consider the various industries that are facing attack from federal regulatory agencies in recent years, particularly from the EPA.  Among them are coal, oil and gas, textiles, and automobiles.  Regulations are choking many of these industries.  Recently President Obama rejected the Keystone Pipeline Bill at the request of the EPA citing climate issues and safety ngpipelines_mapconcerns.  However, that is far from the reality.   There are many articles disputing Obama’s position on the pipeline (see one here).  The image to the left depicts already existing pipelines in the US.

These are just a few examples of how the leftist leaders in our country use Climate Change to further their agenda. But the issue of using environmental issues to advance progressive policies is not new.  Mark Levin dedicated an entire chapter to this very topic in his recent book, Plunder and Deceit.  He has made that chapter freely available to the general public here.

Plunder-and-Deceit-by-Mark-Levin-640x480Levin explains that today’s environmental movement originated in Europe.   In his book, he refers to them as “degrowthers”.  He explains, “The degrowthers seek to eliminate carbon sources of energy and redistribute wealth according to terms they consider equitable. They reject the traditional economic reality that acknowledges growth as improving living conditions generally but especially for the impoverished. They embrace the notions of “less competition, large scale redistribution, sharing and reduction of excessive incomes and wealth.”

Levin also cites a famed climate activist, Naomi Klein, “I don’t know why it is so important to save capitalism. It is a pretty battered brand. . . . Just focusing on climate is getting us nowhere. . . . Many, many more people recognize the need to change our economy. . . . If climate can be our lens to catalyze this economic transformation that so many people need for other even more pressing reasons then that may be a winning combination.”

If you didn’t think there was any justification for my position on climate fraud, you didn’t have to look any further than those who are spreading the lie. Naomi Klein as much as admitted to it.  Climate Change is merely a means to their end.  While the world is dealing with the real threat of terrorism on a global scale, our president is spewing his rhetoric on climate change.  Of all places, he is in Paris, the site of the most recent terror attack, trying to sell the public on how climate change is a greater threat than ISIS.  Rule # 9 of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

Don’t be fooled.  Climate Change is a con job!

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