America’s War on America


American’s War on America

I’ve given myself enough time to digest what transpired in California this week.  To avoid speaking out of place and misdirecting my emotions, I felt it necessary to allow more facts to come to light.  As the evidence becomes more clear, I think this is a more appropriate time to share some thoughts.

Upon review of what I’ve witnessed over the past couple of days, it has become quite evident to me that America is at war with itself.  Yes, I’m using the leftist term “war” to describe what is happening.  The Republic is being threatened by these mini-wars, if you will:

  1. War on Freedom of Speech
  2. War on the 2nd Amendment
  3. War on Freedom of Religion
  4. War on Law Enforcement

War on Freedom of Speech

Prior to this week we’ve seen a myriad of attacks on free speech across several college and university campuses in the US.  I could dissect what is happening on our college campuses, but what has really troubled me since Wednesday is how the American public has become imprisoned by the war on freedom of speech.  The PC crowd and the group think that drives it are to a degree, complicit in what took place in California.  We have become afraid and hesitant to speak our minds.  We are encouraged to speak out if we see suspicious activity, but the fear of reprisal has hindered our common sense.  By now you’ve likely heard about the neighbor of these two California-based terrorists (as defined today by the FBI) who failed to inform authorities of the suspicious activities they observed because of the fear of being labeled a “racist” and being accused of racial profiling.  This is absurd, but it is happening.  And I’m sure there are many others across this country who are equally fearful.  How many more attacks might we see because people are indirectly  being discouraged to act?

War on the 2nd Amendment

Almost immediately following the tragic events, politicians on the left took to social media to politicize it.  There were immediate calls for more gun control.  What was missing from their argument was the fact that this incident took place in a state with one of the strictest set of gun control laws in this country.  Additionally, the left  and the liberal media assume that tougher gun laws and increased restrictions could have prevented the attack.  And of course, if you don’t side with them, they fully exercise their right to freedom of speech by launching unfounded attacks.  Today’s cover page of the NY Daily News depicted Wayne LaPierre, VP of the NRA as a terrorist.  

Blaming the 2nd Amendment or the NRA for what happened in San Bernadino, CA is irresponsible.  Those who carried out these attacks have absolutely zero respect for the 2nd Amendment, gun laws, or human life.  Does anyone believe that the guns they acquired were done so legally?  Are those pipe bombs (which fortunately did not detonate) protected under the 2nd Amendment?  Please tell me how the 2nd Amendment is responsible for what happened!  Nothing was going to deter these terrorists.  Absolutely nothing!  They are not fearful of death, and stricter laws were not going to deter them either!

I’ve also heard arguments that the framers never envisioned that our country would be what it is today and that the 2nd Amendment needs to be modified accordingly.   On the contrary.  The 2nd Amendment is in place precisely because the framers predicted that this is what our country could become. They were historians who studied the rise and fall of governments in great depth and were well aware of what would pose a threat to the Republic. And to throw the 2nd Amendment to the forefront and suggest it is the cause of Wednesday’s tragic events is politicizing it. To do so in the face of what happened this week is like a doctor prescribing the wrong medicine for the wrong disease.

(Side note:  I want to acknowledge Ulster County, NY Sheriff, Paul Van Blarcum.  He made national news yesterday when he suggested citizens who are legally allowed to carry guns, to do so responsibly.  Unfortunately, he is coming under attack for doing this.  I encourage you to offer your support by signing a petition here.)

War on Freedom of Religion

Where do I begin?  Why not start with the NY Daily News – again.  A day following the tragic events, this is their cover page:


While the country mourned, the GOP candidates (unlike their counterparts) offered up their condolences and prayers and the NY Daily News mocked them, calling them “cowards”.  In times like this, prayer and faith is what helps heal.  This is one among many attacks on religion in this country.  That is unless you’re Islamic or Muslim.  There is an unending river of Islamic apologists among the media and the left.  Even as we learn that this week’s events were driven by radical Islamists, the media does its best to sugarcoat what transpired.  ABC’s Brian Ross labeled the event as “workplace Jihad“.  What on earth does that mean?!   I’ll tell you what it means.  It means he is protective of the religion of Islam and would rather spin it as workplace violence instead of what it really is.

Less than a week prior, we saw a story labeling the Colorado shooter at the Planned Parenthood center as a “Christian Terrorist“.  There was no apparent shame in doing that and not a single person in the media batted an eye. There is a war on Christianity and Judaism in this country that is unprecedented.  Whether you like it or not, this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values.  Even our calendar is based on Christianity.  We are currently in the year 2015 A.D. and I wonder how many people even understand its meaning.   The entire world (yes, the entire world) follows this calendar.  A calendar that recognizes Christ.  Religious Freedom in this country is not a one-way street.  The double standards surrounding religion is un-American and it’s time we stand up for our beliefs and stop being bullied by those who preach tolerance, yet are nothing but intolerant.

War on Law Enforcement

I extend my sincerest gratitude to those law enforcement officers in California who acted selflessly, professionally, and heroically.  That is who they are.  That is what they do.  They represent and are a true reflection of the vast majority of law enforcement officers throughout this country.  Are there a few bad eggs in law enforcement?  Of course.  But that is not an excuse for the level of disrespect that we are seeing on a national scale.  Shamefully, as a result of this president’s assault on law enforcement, we now live in an environment where law enforcement are the enemy.  Obama has vilified law enforcement at every possible turn.  How often has he spoken favorably about law enforcement?

In recent weeks we were witness to the impacts of Obama’s maleficence.  In Chicago, a police officer was charged with murdering seventeen year old, Laquan McDonald.  protesterOne protester, Lamon Reccord, 16, repeatedly approached police, putting his face within inches of the men. He then dared them to “shoot me 16 times.”  Sadly, the media not only report this, they almost encourage it by painting law enforcement with the same broad brush that Obama uses.  In their world, one bad cop = all cops are bad.  Yet the rest of America is preached to, called names, and scolded for wanting the government to act more responsibly regarding Syrian refugees.  For wanting to keep Americans safe, we are told, “it’s wrong to paint Syrian refugees with a broad brush” and “they are not all terrorists”.  It’s time to end the war on law enforcement.  It’s time to give them the respect and gratitude they deserve.

This is Obama’s America.  An America at war with itself.

“If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under.”
Ronald Reagan


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