Obama is an Authoritarian


Obama is an Authoritarian!

If they weren’t so serious, it would be funny.  Instead it’s sad to see the latest propaganda the leftists are distributing.  Over the last 24 hours you’ve probably seen the meme comparing Donald Trump to Hitler.  If not, here it is:hitler

Please know that I am not endorsing Donald Trump for president.  At this time, he isn’t even my choice.  But that is beside the point.  The idea that the left can compare him to Adolf Hitler is a last resort for them (more on this in a bit).  As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was actually propagated by the establishment republicans.  Before I get back to this meme, here’s a few items about Donald Trump that scare the hell out of democrats and republicans alike:

  • Politicians say, “He is not who we are”.  Exactly!  And that in itself is threatening to them.  He doesn’t want to be who they are and is calling them out for their self-serving attitude and actions.  They rely on K-Street to survive.  He doesn’t.
  • His campaign is self-funded.  Because he is self-funded, he does not owe allegiance to anyone or any corporation.  The fact that he boasts about his wealth is a message directed at his naysayers and establishment politicians.  It’s like a thorn in their sides that they can’t get rid of.
  • He is a genius negotiator.  The exaggerated statements that come from him are intentional.  If he says something extreme, it allows him to concede to something less.  That something less is really what he wants to achieve in the first place.  He is smarter than they are and plays them like a PS4.   
  • He manipulates the media, getting them to be his best marketing agent.  He knows how to keep himself relevant and this is why he is not going to let anyone force him to go away.  They (status-quo politicians) have tried.  They continue to try.  They will not stop trying.  And all this time they are keeping him relevant through the media.  

Now back to the propagandistic meme above.  As I mentioned, this is the tactic of the left when they run out of chips at the poker table.  When they fall short of valid arguments, they reach to name calling, labeling, and other smear tactics as a last resort.   When the majority of the public agree with “The Donald” (as polls have shown) panic ensues among the left and the establishment.

So let’s put our poker chips on the table with the left and ante up…

The Authoritarian:


  • Uses racism to rise to power, abuse law enforcement, and divide the country by blaming today’s America for yesterday’s ills
  • Nullifies laws and refuses to deport illegal aliens
  • Uses his pen and phone to abuse the power of the Executive Branch
  • Uses the EPA to attack capitalism
  • Forced an ill-conceived health care system on America
  • Bankrupted our children and grandchildren
  • Anti-American fascist
  • Blames America for the world’s problems
  • Thinks Americans should be spied on
  • ….

And there is your meme for the day!


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