Official Endorsement


Official Endorsement

It has been an interesting week to say the least regarding the 2016 Republican Presidential race.  As recent as today, John Kasich referred to himself as the “Prince of Light and Hope” during an interview on the Hugh Hewitt show.  He also referred to his opponents as “Prince(s) of Darkness“.  This was perhaps the most headline worthy comments to come from him during what has been a very boring and lackluster campaign.

Earlier this week, we also saw Sarah Palin, a Tea Party favorite, go to Iowa and bw-trump.finger-1024x699endorse Donald Trump.  As a long time conservative and Tea Party member, I have to admit that I found the endorsement not only shocking, but mystifying.  Let’s face it, The Donald’s presence in this Republican Primary race has had a lot of value.  His often abrasive, yet fearless approach to address issues has breathed a sigh of relief into what could have potentially been a boring primary season.  He’s primarily responsible for forcing the other candidates to tackle the immigration issue head-on and he hasn’t been afraid to discuss military funding.  But all of this doesn’t make him a true conservative.  And so it came as quite a surprise to see Palin jump on the Trump bandwagon.

rubioMarco Rubio continued to play the role of a moving target on Amnesty while taking part in an interview on “Meet the Press” over the weekend.  The fast talking Rubio said, “If you’re a criminal alien, no, you can’t stay. If you’re someone that hasn’t been here for a very long time, you can’t stay.”  He continued,  “I don’t think you’re gonna round up and deport 12 million people.”  Marco clearly stopped short of saying that all illegal aliens can’t stay.  He was very specific about those who he considered “criminals”.  There are several problems with Marco’s position.  One of which involves those illegals who have entered this country with a visa and have allowed their visas to expire, yet they remain in this country.  Rubio did not include this group among those who can’t stay.  In reality, staying on an expired visa is against the law, and there is a significant proportion of illegals who fall into that category.

carsonPerhaps the saddest story of the week belonged to Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign.  Carson was in South Carolina earlier in the week when he announced that he was going to temporarily suspend his campaign activities so he could return to Iowa where members of his staff were involved in an automobile accident.  Sadly, Braden Joplin, 25, of Midland, Texas died as a result of the accident.  Braden was a volunteer with the Carson campaign and was a passenger in the vehicle along with two other campaign volunteers.  Ben Carson may be the single most decent candidate in the entire presidential race.  He is an inspiration to many and has been a valuable contributor to the primary.  Though his ideas, policies, and positions are among the best in this pack of candidates, his soft-spoken nature has been his downfall.  I can easily see a place for Dr. Carson as a cabinet member for the Republican nominee, where he can continue to be an asset to the conservative cause.

As you know, there are other Republican candidates in this primary race.  But there isn’t time to address each of them.  However, there is one who stands above the rest.  He is the truest conservative among the candidates.  As a member of Congress he has a Liberty Score rating of 97% on, where he is second only to Senator Mike Lee, Utah.  This candidate has taken on the establishment in Washington DC.  He has embodied the spirit and values of conservatism.  This summer, he took to the floor of the US Senate and publicly called out the Senate Majority Leader for lying to those he leads.  Conservatives applauded this act, while the media and Republican establishment chided him for it.

This candidate is everything the Washington elite are not.  This candidate is hated by them and has even caused some of them to warm up to Donald Trump, in fear that this candidate will become the Republican nominee.   He is solid on his position on immigration, religious freedom, national security, and the 2nd Amendment.  He stood on the Senate floor for over 20 hours in hopes of defunding Obamacare when other phony Republicans only gave conservative Americans lip-service.  He has been true to the values and promises he made to his constituents in his State of Texas.  There are very few in Washington DC who can even claim to honor half of what they’ve promised.  He is a man of action, not just words.  He is of course, Senator Ted Cruz.

My Approved PortraitsIf the above is not reason enough for to endorse Sen. Cruz, the establishment elites in Washington who continue to slam him are.  According to a recent study performed by Rasmussen Reports, “just nine percent (9%) of likely U.S. Voters think Congress is doing a good or excellent job.  Fifty-nine percent (59%) now think Congress is doing a poor job.”  If members of Congress are unworthy of the trust of the American people, then why should we trust any one of them who want to end Cruz’s bid for the presidency.   The Washington elite will be among the first to tell you that Ted Cruz is NOT one of them.  I say AMEN TO THAT!

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