Beware of Fakes


Beware of Fakes

Let me start by saying, conservatism sells.  If it didn’t, why would all of the Republican presidential candidates claim to be conservative, especially those who are not?  It’s not just presidential candidates who do this.  We see it everywhere among the Washington elites.  Which leads one to wonder how it is possible for virtually every Republican member of Congress to also be a valid conservative?  FBC debate

Presidential campaigns are one thing, but faking conservatism has reared its ugly head in many elections.  In recent national elections, Americans voted for candidates claiming to be conservative which resulted in giving Republicans not just the House of Representatives, but the US Senate.  McCainYou can go down the list of those who ran as conservatives, but have since acted otherwise when they reached Congress.  Even those we KNOW are not conservative, laid claim to conservatism.   Mitch McConnell immediately comes to mind.  And don’t be surprised to see John McCain start to boast about his conservative ways as he approaches re-election for the Senate.

But it’s not just politicians who claim conservatism.  As far back as 2013, Lori Robertson of authored a story about a group, Americans for azuckerberg Conservative Direction.  The article begins, “The group behind the ad, Americans for a Conservative Direction, is part of Zuckerberg’s, a nonprofit group formed to back policies important to the technology sector…“.  Sadly, Americans for a Conservative Direction really doesn’t support true conservative values.  Members of the board for this group include such names as:  Sally Bradhsaw, Dan Senor, and Rob Jesmer.  Short bios for these board members can be found on the group’s webpage.  Feel free to take a look and see for yourself if you think their bios scream conservatism.

Mark-LevinNonetheless, I was inspired this evening to write this blog because of a post Mark Levin made to his Facebook page.   After reading it, I couldn’t help but want to share it with you.  The article Mark shared, The Ten Conservative Principles of Russell Kirk, originated from the Heritage Foundation’s website and it can be viewed here.

Not everyone who claims to be conservative is a conservative.  As we approach this presidential election, beware of the fakes.


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