You Go Donald!…Please!


You Go Donald!…Please!

It appears that Donald Trump has decided to skip this Thursday’s Republican Debate on Fox.  (Trump Dumps Fox).   This writer says “You Go Donald!”  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a Republican debate (other than the undercard) that doesn’t include this frowning clown?  trump1Wouldn’t it be nice to hear qualified candidates actually discuss and debate real issues rather than to engage in personal attacks while making foolish faces and crude comments?

Trump has attacked Ted Cruz stating that he’s not a nice guy….not a good guy.  Really?  If there has been one individual who has not been a “Nice Guy” and not a “Good Guy” it has been
gty_ted_cruz_jc_150206_16x9_992Donald Trump.  The Donald clearly told us that the lawyers had looked at Cruz’s citizenship and it is not an issue.  Suddenly when Senator Cruz improved in the polls Mr. Trump began to “show his concern” for Cruz on the issue of citizenship.  Not because he himself had a problem, but because the Democrats might possibly launch a challenge.  Trump has since escalated his attacks and now is openly threatening to file suit against Cruz over the citizenship issue.

Once again this writer says “You Go Donald!”  If you really believe this is an issue and you are legitimately concerned, then file suit.  Seek a declaratory judgment against Senator Cruz.

You won’t do it, though, will you?  You won’t because you know your suit will either (a) be thrown out or ignored; or (b) will be ruled in favor of Senator Cruz.  You would much rather hang out there and unfairly attack the Senator with your warped interpretation of the Constitution.gavel

Let’s examine the issue.  Among other requirements that are not in contention, in order to be President an individual must be a “natural born” citizen.  The last time I checked there are two ways for a person to be a citizen of the United States.  You either have to be a “natural born” citizen or you need to be a   “naturalized” citizen.  A naturalized citizen must go through a very specific process which includes taking a test and swearing an oath.  Senator Cruz, clearly a citizen of the United States, did not go through this process because he was already a natural born citizen of the United States. Born in Canada, the son of an American mother (a U.S. citizen born in Delaware) and a father born in Cuba, Senator Cruz is a natural born citizen of the United States.american-flag2

The bottom line is that Donald Trump can’t stand up to Ted Cruz and has to resort to these underhanded tactics.  It’s the same issue with the Fox debate.  Trump can’t stand up to Megyn Kelly and would rather threaten a boycott than to face her.

You go Donald!  Please….Go!

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