Will He Accept the Challenge?


Will He Accept the Challenge?

Last evening on the Mark Levin Show , Mark fielded a phone call from Senator Ted Cruz.  Levin opened the discussions by asking Cruz what he thought about Donald Trump bailing out of the upcoming debate in Iowa.  

Initially Cruz positioned himself by saying that Trump was doing an injustice to the voters of Iowa.  However, later in the conversation, Cruz laid down the hammer and shocked Levin by challenging Trump to a one-on-one debate prior to the Iowa caucus which takes place on Monday 2/1.  Without hesitation, Levin offered airtime on his radio program to hold this debate.

The question remains, will Trump respond to the challenge?  Time is running out for him to do it.  At this juncture I think it’s a long-shot that he will accept.  Should the two go head to head in what Levin called a “Lincoln-Douglas Style” debate, Cruz would likely mop the floor with Trump on policy and Constitutional matters.  I don’t think Trump’s rhetoric and attempts to label Cruz as “nasty” will sell very well in a debate on substance.

Listen to Cruz’s challenge above and read more about it at:  https://www.tedcruz.org/l/ducking-donald/  

What are your thoughts?

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