How Do You Know It’s Broke if You Don’t Follow the Laws?


How Do You Know It’s Broke if You Don’t Follow the Laws?

I got to thinking recently about the rhetoric that is constantly thrown about regarding immigration in this country.  We hear pundits, politicians, and other media mouthpieces go on and on about “immigration reform”.   They say things like, “The system is broken” or “we are a country of immigrants”.

I take exception to much of this rhetoric.  The political correctness crowd has made it difficult for some to speak the truth, especially politicians.  Many of these politicians, particularly those on the republican side, become so fearful of media backlash that they flounder on the issue of immigration.  If you look at record for many of these candidates, they’ve never taken a hard stand one way or the other.  rubioWe are all aware of Rubio’s flipping on this issue.  He ran for the US Senate in the State of Florida by taking a conservative approach to immigration, but almost immediately did a “180” when he arrived on Capitol Hill.

During the 2012 Presidential election, Donald Trump was criticizing Mitt Romney for being too tough on immigration.  In this election cycle, we don’t know what Trump stands for.  The only thing we can say for certain, is that he’s going to build a wall.  He’s told us this thousands of times.  Yet, he flip-flops on how to handle illegal immigration.

bw-trump.finger-1024x699He gives the impression that he will take a tough stand on the issue only to suggest that after deporting illegal immigrants, they will be invited back legally.  This practice is more commonly referred to as “touchback”.  Many of Trump’s critics have labeled this practice as a form of Amnesty.

Ted Cruz has been the only candidate who has been consistent on immigration.  He has taken a constitutional, conservative approach to illegal immigration from the very beginning.  And by “the very beginning”, I’m referring to his run for the US Senate seat in Texas.  Marco Rubio has erroneously accused Cruz of flipping on immigration.  The video below is evidence that Cruz has remained consistent on this issue.

Despite what you hear, we are not a nation of “immigrants”.  We are a nation of “citizens”.  Our citizens are made up of those natural born and those immigrants who were naturalized (followed a legal process towards citizenship).  Citizens who were naturalized, were once immigrants who later assimilated.  The United States is not a nation obligated to allowing immigrants into this country who want to impose their culture and laws on others within the United States.   Immigrants MUST assimilate and abide by the laws of this country.

The media and left-wing activists will also label conservatives as “haters”, “heartless”, “zealots”, and “racist” for opposing Amnesty.  Don’t believe any of that.  Conservatives believe in immigration.  Legal forms of immigration!  Conservatives believe in assimilation and that following the rule of law in the United States is essential to assimilation.  And herein lies the problem…our government has decided not to follow the law.

parenting (1)Parenting can teach us a lot about a common sense approach to issues.  It is one thing for a parent to define rules for their children.  It is another thing to enforce those rules.  Parents who fail to enforce rules early on will find it difficult to enforce rules later in life.  Their children will lose respect for them.

In this country, we have rules for immigration.  They’re called laws.  If we don’t enforce them, how can anyone be expected to follow them?  Do we need complete immigration reform?  Is the system broke?  How do you know it’s broke if you don’t follow the laws?  There is no respect for the current laws if they’re not being enforced. Before this country invests in immigration reform, our government needs to be effective in enforcing current law.  That is the conservative position.  And it doesn’t make you a “hater”, “heartless”, a “zealot”, nor “racist”.

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