Federal Elections


Federal Elections

Assume for the moment that you are a homeowner in a sub-division where you reside, and the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is about to hold their annual meeting, including the elections of homeowner-clipart-hoa-lettersHOA officers.  All of the homeowners are asked to sign in and provide identification as homeowners prior to the start of the meeting.  As the meeting gets underway and election ballots are handed out, fifteen strangers walk in on the meeting, fail to sign in, and request ballots for the election of officers.  None of the homeowners in attendance, including yourself, recognize any of the fifteen individuals.  As a homeowner, which of the following would you suggest?

a.  Assume they are homeowners and provide them with ballots 

b.  Out of fear of discriminating against them, give them ballots (no questions asked)

c.   Require them to provide identification and proof of HOA membership before giving them ballots

The answer to this question seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it?  The only reasonable answer is “c”.  I can’t imagine any homeowner granting a potential outsider the ability to cast a ballot if they are not an HOA member.  It is not only wise, but an example of due diligence to require proof of ownership before allowing them access to the meeting and election process.

Take another example.  (This is for my friends in academia, many of whom are surprisingly liberal…not.)  Imagine you are a member of the faculty in the College of Engineering and you are attending the annual faculty meeting of the college where such things as committee appointments and other policy decisions are up for a vote.  All of a sudden, faculty from the College of Business enter and sit in academicon the meeting.  Having attended many of these types of meetings over the years, I can assure you that heads will turn faster than a yellow traffic lights turns red when you’re approaching an intersection.  Faculty in the College of Engineering will be falling all over themselves in attempt to throw the infidels (College of Business faculty) out on their butts!  And quite honestly, I wouldn’t blame them.  Would you?  Again, it’s the reasonable thing to do in that situation.  Why?  Because whether it’s a faculty meeting or an HOA meeting, it’s imperative to protect the integrity of the proceedings!

Unfortunately, for matters of even greater importance to society, we are told that due diligence means otherwise.  We are also told that the right thing to do is quite the opposite of what we just proved to be the reasonable thing to do.

Under current law in the United States, non-citizens are NOT allowed to vote in federal elections. When applicants complete a federal voter registration form in brian_newbythe states of Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia, the executive director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC), Brian Newby, told elections officials in these three states that they could require proof of US citizenship.  No big deal, right?  Wrong!

Apparently a coalition of activists filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia this past week requesting a restraining order blocking the requirement for proof of citizenship.  One has to wonder why?  It’s certainly not to protect the integrity of the election process.  It couldn’t be.

To make matters worse (and to no great surprise), this administration’s Department of Justice headed by Loretta Lynch consented to the injunction filed against the EAC (one of the administration’s own federal agencies)!  gavelThis is just another example of this feckless administration’s selectivity when it comes to enforcing federal law.  Again, it goes against reason to not enforce proof of eligibility in ANY form of election!  And if you believe in taking a lawful and reasonable approach, you are going to be labeled as “extreme”.

I know it is not going to bother the leftists, but if you believe in American sovereignty, you can not be in favor of this type of tyrannical behavior.  It is utterly unjust and regardless of your political affiliation, you should stand up to this.  Since when is following the law and being reasonable extreme?  This nonsense has to stop and it has to stop now!


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