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I need to get something off of my chest before I dig too deep into this.  And I would suspect that most of you probably share similar feelings of frustration and anger.

I am tired of being told “who” and “what” I should vote for by the media and establishment types!  I am tired of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Z7Mri5KHplaying favorites and trying to influence primary and election processes!  I am tired of listening to the supposed “fair and balanced” network praising a favored candidate in hopes that it will persuade the uninformed to vote for “their” candidate or against another!  I am tired of the establishment republican leadership on Capitol Hill!  They don’t rule over us, and it’s time we got loud and pushed back!

The first step in fighting back is to make an educated decision.  We need to take a look into who these candidates are and what they stand for.  It’s critically important that one avoids the temptation to be swept away by a wave of popularism.  Being popular and making news because you are a loudmouth is not what we are looking for in a conservative candidate.  We are looking for someone who is principled.  Someone who can not only articulate conservative values, but prove they are equipped to deliver on what they say.

Unfortunately, far too many buy into the propaganda. There are a lot of signs that voters often overlook when choosing a candidate.   It’s been said, “if you ConservativeReviewwant to know about someone, take a look at the company they keep.”  Just this afternoon I read an excellent article from ConservativeReview.com.  The article, entitled, 2016 GOP Endorsements: Quality v Quantitydoes an outstanding job of breaking down the endorsements received by the 2016 GOP candidates.  

Every smart salesperson knows, it’s far more important to have fewer customers who you can trust to pay, than to have many customer who don’t.  This article demonstrates that this same principle holds true regarding presidential endorsements.  Though I very much encourage you to read the article (as I can not do justice to how well it was composed), I have included a recap of the article in a table below.  The table identifies each of the top three GOP candidates, the number of congressional endorsements received, the average Conservative Review Liberty Score® of these endorsements, the Conservative Review Liberty Score® Rating for these endorsements, and the number of endorsements from congressmen with an “F” rating.

 Candidate      Endorsements  Avg Conservative Review Liberty Score® of Endorsement Rating   # of F ratings
Donald Trump  40  56%  F  20
Marco Rubio  56  54%  F  36
Ted Cruz  24  83%  B  1

As I mentioned above, “if you want to know about someone, take a look at the company they keep.”  The table above certainly paints a much clearer picture of these candidates.  Half of those who endorsed Donald Trump, and more than halftrump1rubio
who endorsed Marco Rubio have Liberty Score® ratings of “F”.  Rubio does not have a single endorsement from an “A-rated” congressman.  Pretty telling, don’t you think?  And these two candidates are using propaganda to discredit Cruz?  As a conservative, and based on these findings, I’m quite comfortable placing my trust in Ted Cruz over these two.  

Endorsements are part of the story, but donors also play a role in helping define the candidates.  To his credit, I’m going to take Trump out of the equation because he’s made it clear (and rightly so) that he is mostly self-funded.  However, when we compare Cruz to Rubio, another interesting bit of information comes to light.

According to opensecrets.org (a self-proclaimed leader in research of political financing),  as of January 2016 approximately 58% of the individual contributions to Ted Cruz’ campaign came from large donors.  Likewise, 70% of individual contributions to Marco Rubio came from large donors.

But the real story comes from the individuals behind these contributions.  Let’s look at the one of the top donors for each of these two candidates.  Starting with Rubio, one of his major contributors is Larry-EllisonLarry Ellison, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle Corporation.  Why is that important?  Oracle is a major player in silicon valley and Ellison has unapologetic-ally supported amnesty and Rubio’s Gang of Eight Bill.  Even as Rubio verbally flip-flops on immigration and amnesty, knowing where the money is coming from seems to makes it quite obvious as to which side of that issue Rubio will fall.

On the other hand, one of Ted  Cruz’ major supporters is Robert Mercer, co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies  According to Bloomberg.com, Mercer has “…spent tens of millions to advance a conservative agenda, investing in think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, (and) the media outlet Breitbart.com.  Groups he funds have attacked the science of global warming,  (and) published a book critical of Hillary Clinton.”   Again, we see quite the contrast between Cruz and Rubio.

If you want a quick education on who the candidates are and what they stand for, look at the people who surround them and follow the money trail.

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