Is This the Best We Can Do


Is This the Best We Can Do?

Here we are, fresh off the heels of Super Tuesday, and to this point America has told us that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on a collision course to contend against one another in the presidential election.    I know there are a lot of delegates yet to be decided.  But the concept of Trump v Clinton is troubling.  And what troubles me most is what it says about America.

lead_960On one  hand we have Donald Trump, a candidate that has endeared himself to a large contingent of Americans who are disgruntled with the current state of politics in this country.  No one has ever accused “The Donald” of being stupid.  He’s discovered that his path of least resistance to the presidency is by being a newfound voice against the current political establishment in the Republican party.

What makes all of this work for Trump is that he is wealthy and savvy enough to make his mark without relying on financial support from outsiders.  Oddly enough, the candidate that has raised the most “outside money” is Hillary Clinton.  According to, as of February 22nd, Hillary Clinton has raised over $57.7 million from outside donors compared to $1.9 million raised by Donald Trump, a difference of 1/30th compared to Hillary.

But personal wealth is not the point of this article.  Trump, thus far has run a winning campaign based on rhetoric and insults.  Rhetoric which riles up those who follow him.  Insults which demonstrate he’s a master of deflection.  He’s so much as admitted that when a speech isn’t going well, all he has to do is talktrumpwall about the “wall” he is going to have built on the southern border.  And when that doesn’t have as much of an impact as he wants, he simply adds to it by saying he will get Mexico to pay for it.

Donald is an entertainer for certain.  But his constant barrage of insults towards other candidates, calling Cruz “nasty” and calling Rubio, “Little Marco” and a “light-weight”, are very unbecoming of someone aspiring to become president.  And so is his choice of language.  I find it appalling that as a presidential candidate, he hasn’t made any effort to censor his language.  He’s supposed to represent America, not embarrass us.

It’s also evident that Trump is starting to get confused with all of his insulting. FL_StateIcon In recent days, instead of using the label on Cruz, he’s now started calling Rubio “a very nasty man”.  But perhaps he’s really not confused at all.  Perhaps it’s because Texas is behind him and Florida is now in his sights.  And, this is indicative of what we’ve seen all along from Trump.  He is a weathervane, who will lob insults, rhetoric, and alter policy to whichever direction the wind is blowing at the time.

Sadly, I bought into the Trump hype early on.  He spoke about issues that were important to me.  He said all of the things I wanted to hear.  But then I started wanting something more.  I wanted to see some substance behind all of his words.  waiting-2I waited, and waited, and waited, but nothing.  The only thing I saw was more of the same.  It was time for me to move on.  I just wished my other conservative friends saw the same thing.   He’s turned the primary process, what should be one of the most deliberate and no-nonsense events for Americans, into a circus.   A blemish on our country.

And then there’s Hillary Clinton.  Where to begin and where to end?  But for purposes of keeping it short and simple, she’s the leading candidate for the Democratic Party and is possibly on a track towards being indicted by the federal government.   This woman has a trail of lies, scandals, and even mysterious deaths, that follow behind her that is longer than the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

hillaryAmong her scandals include Whitewater, accepting donations to her US Senatorial campaign from the family of Marc Rich (who was later pardoned by her husband Bill Clinton before he left the Office of President), claim of landing in Bosnia under sniper fire, being fired from the House Judiciary Committee as an attorney because she lied during the Watergate investigation, Beghazi,  Uranium Oneand the un-secure use of her private email server for official State Department business.  There are several more scandals, but the details stemming from many of those listed above could be considered treasonous.  

As recent as today, a news report came out regarding the FBI Director James Comey being called before a House Judiciary Committee regarding the investigation into her email scandal.  (See video below)

And following last evening’s Super Tuesday results, Hillary had the audacity to say, “I believe what we need in American today, is more love and kindness.”  This meme below provides a perfect response to that statement:

love and kindness

The Office of President of the United States should be one of the most respected and coveted jobs in the world.  Instead we have two leading candidates who are truly undeserving of that office.  Look above.  Look at the character of these two and then take pause to think clearly about it.  But the bottom line is  this. It’s our own fault.  Yes, it’s the fault of Americans that we find ourselves in this position.  We have lost our moral compass.   We have been fooled by lies, and smoke and mirrors.  We need to be smarter than this!

It is very sad that in a country as great as the US, we can’t find two people more qualified than these two individuals.  Among all of the great thinkers, innovators, and countrymen who reside in this country, is this the best we can do?   I hope and pray that we become enlightened before it’s too late.  God bless us.


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