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One of the most dangerous and fruitless efforts made by man is to attempt to alter the natural order of things.  These things can include the economy, social norms, morality, and even nature.  Venezuela is a textbook case of a country in collapse, which was the direct result of a government’s attempt to alter the course of natural events.  How did they do this you ask?  One word:  Socialism.

venezuelaIn a Washington Post article from over a year ago (found here),  they address some of the failed policies of the Venezuelan government.   If you read this article, as an American it should be somewhat frightening to you.  Below are a few excerpts which support my statement:

  • “(Venezuela) doesn’t have an economy, so much as a poorly run oil exporting business that isn’t enough to subsidize everything else.”
  • “(Venezuela thinks) it can print as much money as it wants without stoking inflation by just saying it won’t.”
  • “The trouble is that while it has tried to help the poor, which is commendable, it has also spent much more than it can afford, which is not. Indeed, Venezuela’s government is running a 14 percent of gross domestic product deficit right now, a fiscal hole so big that there’s only one way to fill it: the printing press”

Is any of this starting to sound familiar?  So here we are.  In the good ol’ US of A.  The “Teflon” country.  We are resilient, right?  None of this could ever happen here, right?  Our economy is doing well under Obama, right?  Wrong!

Here is an image of the US Deficit as a percentage of GDP:defecit

Folks, we aren’t that far off from where Venezuela is!  And we are printing Cassidy-Bernie-Sanders-Loud-and-Clear-1200money, increasing our debt, and no one has made any effort to decrease federal spending.  To make matters worse, we have a presidential candidate in Bernie Sanders, who is an unapologetic socialist!  Hillary Clinton is just an “in-the-closet” socialist, who is close enough to Sanders to “feel the Bern” of socialism.  What happened in Venezuela is not a coincidence.  And, if we think it can’t happen here, we are dead wrong!

The free market economy is the remedy to our own pending economic collapse.  The free market economy is guided by “spontaneous order“, a natural law, if you will.  Government is an obstruction to this order.  It cannot dictate this order.  It cannot subsidize industries and still maintain this order.  It cannot pick and choose winners in the economy and maintain this order. It cannot enforce egalitarian policies and maintain this order.  It cannot impose socialist policies and maintain this order.  It cannot print money to influence the economy and maintain this order.  It cannot raise minimum wages and maintain this order.  Government can do nothing to effectively improve on this.  Government can only detract from it.  economy

People and the free market make up the natural order of things.  Not the government.  It is neither possible, nor responsible to impose policies to improve on this.  No good can come from that.  There is a reason this country has historically been the greatest nation on earth.  There is a reason people from impoverished, socialist economies desire to leave these places and come to America.  Our free market system provides hope and opportunity unlike anything they have ever seen before.

We cannot allow for our political leaders to get in the way of what is the greatest bastion of opportunity and prosperity.  For when we do, we will lose it all.  The law of nature always wins!

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