Here were are, just a couple of months away from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  rncNot long afterwards we will find ourselves in the midst of the general election.  For conservatives, the hour is dire and the consequences of losing the general election to either candidate of the democratic party may be too great for us to ever reverse course and restore the Republic.

Considering all that is at stake, to what have the republican electorate been subjected?  Tweets, tweets, more tweets, and tabloid BS!  I’ve had about all I can stand of this tweeting nonsense and the media’s incessant obsession with it!  We have one presidential candidate who is obviously addicted to being a nocturnal tweeter and has taken being “politically incorrect” to a whole new level.  Instead of hearing candidates addressing critical policies and issues, we are instead subjected to garbage!

trump1The leading candidate, Trump, couldn’t wait to get the field dwindled down to two or three candidates so he could talk about issues without having to deal with how “unfairly” he’s being treated.  Now that we have achieved that point in this primary, where is he?  He’s running away.   We finally have an opportunity to give the electorate what they deserve, a substantive debate.  But that doesn’t appear as though it’s going to happen.  And, quite frankly it’s not only sad, it’s disgusting!

Instead, “the Donald” finds it necessary to take this primary season even deeper into the proverbial gutter.  As a result, Ted Cruz has now had to resort to defending his family and saying things he wished need not be said.  To his credit, today Cruz has decided to take the high road (see below).

I ask you, are we deserving of all of this?  Is this what we wanted?  Hell no!  And, we have only one person to thank for this, Donald Trump.  Yes, that’s right!  So all of you Trump apologists can try and do what your candidate hasn’t been able to do, act respectfully.

It cannot be said that I am simply one of those “anti-Tump” movement types.  As a matter of fact, if you read some of my past posts, you will see that I was initially a supporter of Trump.  I defended him against those who I felt treated him unjustly, and against those who called him Hitlerian.  I gave him every benefit of the doubt and opened my mind up to what he had to say.  Unfortunately as time passed, Trump has become a political Don Rickles.    If he’s been consistent and clear on anything, it’s that he has never hesitated to lob insults at anyone who becomes a political threat to him.

First on Trump’s chopping block was Ben Carson.  Trump wasted little time comparing that man to a pedophile, and then ridiculed Carson’s attempt at stabbing a classmate when he was a troubled young man.  Also on Trump’s list was Rubio, who weeks prior to the Republican Primary in Florida, posed a legitimate threat to Trump.  Trump mocked Rubio’s height, referring to him as “Little Marco”.  And, candidates aren’t the only ones on the Donald Trump train of insults.  megynMegyn Kelly was an honored recipient as well.  Referring to a GQ photo shoot that Megyn Kelly once did, “the Donald” called her a “bimbo”.  (In hindsight, an interesting choice of words considering that Trump’s wife Melania also did a photo shoot as a model which was considerably more revealing and less tasteful.)

But then there’s Ted Cruz, the one candidate who has a legitimate chance of dethroning Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination.  The single candidate who is a clear Constitutional Conservative.  To Trump’s credit, he must have realized early on that Cruz was a viable candidate.  He wasted no time in labeling Cruz, “Lying Ted”.   A little over a week ago, Trump marched into Utah prior to the Utah caucus, his guns loaded with Cruz insults referring to him as “Lying Ted”.  He stood in front of the people of Utah and addressed them, proclaiming that “Utah doesn’t like liars”.  Well, let’s just say he was right about that.  Cruz earned almost 70% of the vote in Utah, with Trump finishing last, behind Kasich with only 14%.

cruz-presidentCalling Cruz, “Lying Ted” is one thing.  But Trump pushed the envelope too far last week when his insults took on a personal tone, attacking Heidi Cruz (wife of Ted Cruz).  His intentions were clear.  His tweet insulted Heidi Cruz’ physical appearance and then blamed his tweet on Cruz, stating it was a reaction to a campaign ad for which Cruz was responsible.  There’s only one problem with Trump’s excuse, Cruz’ campaign had absolutely nothing to do with the ad and Trump knows it!

If this goes to the republican convention without any republican candidate receiving the necessary 1237 delegates, things may just get even more ugly.  We don’t need a crystal ball to predict how things may go.  Should Trump not receive the 1237 delegates, he won’t become the nominee on the first ballot in Cleveland.  He’s already attempted to politicize this, telling the public that should he end up with most (not majority) of delegates, that he is owed the nomination.  He is attempting to get the people behind him to develop enough outcry to have the rules of the convention altered in his favor.  Well, I’m sorry Donald, but that’s not how it works.  You see, you need a majority of the delegates, not the most delegates to win the nomination.   Trump has received a little more than 35% of the popular vote during this primary.  That means that approximately 65% (a majority) voted against him.

I know…the same can be said for Ted Cruz.  And, you would be correct in saying that.  Cruz, will also not have a majority of the delegates, which is why we are likely to see an open convention.  And should that happen, the insults will continue to fly and chaos may ensue.

So here we stand.  This is how it’s apparently going to be.  We conservatives are not going to have the opportunity to see the primary play out with any integrity.   The media sensationalize all of this nonsense and they feed on it like hungry sharks playing right into “the Donald’s” hands.  The republican primary has become one big joke!  Hillary-Bernie-handshakeYou can almost see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders laughing it up and dancing the Foxtrot together.  We are at a critical time in the history of this country, and this is what the republican primary process has given us.  It’s embarrassing and I for one, am disgusted!


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