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C’mon Donald!

I came across an interesting read on contested conventions which you can find below.   The republican convention process has been in place for over 150 years and a contested convention goes all the way back to Lincoln’s winning of the nomination in 1860. It gets tiring having to listen to today’s front runner go on and on about how the process is “rigged” and “unfair” towards him.

There are a couple of other facts that seem to get in the way, thus they are never mentioned by The Donald.  Recently, Trump was outspoken about the unfairness of the Colorado delegate process. The process in Colorado was a form of a caucus where coloradoregistered republicans had the opportunity in March to caucus locally and send representative delegates to the state. Those delegates were then elected to become national delegates to represent Colorado at the RNC convention. This process was well known to all of the candidates, but only one took advantage of it. Donald Trump didn’t even so much as go to Colorado, yet he claims the process was unfair saying that the people should have voted.

Funny we didn’t hear anything about this when Trump won the Nevada caucus, and the Kentucky caucus, and the Hawaii caucus. Nor did we hear about how unfair it was that Trump received 45% of the vote in Florida, yet received all 99 delegates. Trump also has approximately 37% of the popular vote to date in this primary process, but has earned 45% of the delegates thus far. I don’t hear him complaining about that either. You see, the states have their own rules. If you believe in the US Constitution, if you believe in Federalism, you don’t whine when you lose according the rules, because sometimes you will win. And right now, based on those statistics, it looks like the rules are actually stacked in your favor Donald!

I for one am tired of all the whining coming from that campaign when things don’t go their way. We hear crickets when they win according to the rules, but incessant whining when they don’t. And Donald, here’s more bad news for you. You need 1237 delegates to win the nomination. You need a majority of the delegates, not be the one with the most delegates. A baseball player isn’t owed a home run because he hits a ball that gets close to the outfield wall.  It has to go over the wall to earn it.

Donald, you wrote the “Art of the Deal” and claim that you can work with anyone. artof dealSo here’s your chance to prove yourself. If this goes to the convention and you don’t have 1237 votes, then show us your deal making skills. And if you can close that deal, good for you! If not, then it’s time to shut up and stop your whining. I am not part of the “Never Trump” club, but your whining and complaining is making it harder for me not to submit an application.

Dear Trump supporters, I understand your emotional connection to Donald. I understand how angry you are with Washington and how all of the things he’s promising sounds terrific. But you cannot let emotion get in the way of compromising our Constitutional Republic. He can yell and scream all he wants about the process, but if you believe in our system, you have to dismiss and decry his tactics. If corruption taints the results, that is a different story. But up until now, that has not happened. Though we should be weary about it happening, we cannot allow one person to persuade us that what has worked for hundreds of years is broken because that one person whines that it is unfair.

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