Fake News


Fake News 

We now live in “Bizarro-World”, where what’s supposed to be up, is now down.  Things that were once virtuous, are now insensitive.  And where journalism was once trusted, it’s now corrupt with mouthpieces propagating political ideology.

The main stream, statist media thrive on protecting the left and vilifying the right.  We could once trust the media to provide unbiased news reporting.  Instead, today we get biased opining from the media elite.  One day it’s Rachel Maddow, spewing hatred toward Donald Trump, succeeding in only revealing that he has in fact, paid his taxes.  Another day it’s Anderson Cooper with “Breaking News” about things that “may” have or “possibly” have happened.  (Hat Tip Daily Caller: http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/23/anderson-coopers-rachel-maddow-moment-video/)

The statist media script is a pretty simple one, and is exemplified in the following scenario.  To emphasize how “Fake News” is disseminated, I provide two different versions of media coverage for the same scenario.  The first set of media reports represent how the media would cover this if the story involved individuals who are policially conservative.  The second set represents how today’s statist media would likely cover the story if the incident involved individuals who are politically liberal.


Dick and Jane, a married couple of 30+ years are out to dinner at a restaurant.  When the check comes, Dick asks Jane if she remembered to bring the gift card from home.  Embarrassed, Jane informs him that she forgot it.  Concerned about their finances, he says, “We are supposed to be trying to cut down on our credit card use.  I can’t believe you forgot the gift card.”  An already embarrassed Jane, begins to tear up and rushes to the ladies’ room to avoid being noticed by other patrons.  Jane eventually returns from the restroom and both she and Dick leave together without saying another word to one another.

Media Coverage of Dick and Jane who are conservative:

  • News Agency 1:
    • A couple was reportedly seen having an argument at a local restaurant this evening. Witnesses said the incident made them feel uncomfortable.  We tried to reach out to the couple, but they ignored our requests for an interview.  At this time, we can neither confirm nor deny that the couple will be seeking marriage counseling.
  • News Agency 2:
    • A local couple “may” be seeking a divorce after an embarrassing incident at a local restaurant. Witnesses say the couple had an argument and that it was “possibly” over personal finances.  We asked friends of the couple if they had any information regarding the couple seeking a divorce, but at this time, no one would confirm that.
  • News Agency 3:
    • A breaking story out of a small town where a married couple was involved in a domestic incident. The woman involved in this relationship was seen being forced into a public bathroom by her husband.  It “appears” the husband was upset that his wife would not pay for dinner.  Is it possible that this relationship is heading to divorce court?  No one will say for sure, and we have no indication that is the case, but things do not look good.


Media Coverage of Dick and Jane who are liberal:

  • News Agency 1:
    • A couple visiting a restaurant this evening was forced to leave in tears when the restaurant refused their request to pay with a gift card. A restaurant spokesperson claimed the couple was unable to produce the gift card.  A friend of the couple came forward to verify that he personally gave the couple the gift card.  He has confirmed with us that the couple does in fact, possess that gift card.
  • News Agency 2:
    • A local restaurant’s policy has left one couple in tears. We caught up with the couple as they were leaving the restaurant and asked them about the issue.  They told us they were upset because they were not able to use a gift card towards the cost of their meal.  The restaurant has not spoken out yet about this incident.
  • News Agency 3:
    • Married for over thirty years, a heartbroken couple fell victim to one restaurant’s payment policies. We spoke to the couple and they were quite concerned about how this would impact their finances.  According to the husband, “We really wished we could have used the gift card.  We’ve been trying to cut back on our expenses and get our debt under control.”

Apparently, if Dick and Jane are politically conservative, they are headed for divorce.  If they are politically liberal, the restaurant infringed on their rights.  Yes ladies and gentleman, this is how we get our news today.  I’ve had people question me because I am critical of the media.  I’m asked how I could be such a staunch supporter of The Constitution, yet be critical of the First Amendment’s “freedom of the press”?  The answer is simple.  I believe in the First Amendment.  I am not critical of the First Amendment.   But supporting the “freedom of the press” does not mean I must support the abuse of that right.  We should all expect the media to report responsibly.

The media are enormously powerful.  Their outreach is incredible and reporting irresponsibly has a damaging impact on our society.  The battle cry of the left these days is to “resist”.  We need to resist as well.  It’s time to stand up to the media bully.  Spread the word.  Resist fake news.   There are many resources available to you.  If you are unsure, I suggest you start by visiting the Media Research Center.  They are the media watchdog and can help you discern real news from fake news.

God Bless the USA!



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