The Swamp


The Swamp

We knew quite clearly, that going into the next four years, Trump vowed to “Drain the Swamp”.  But I’m beginning to wonder which “swamp”?  Of course, DC as a whole, can be considered run with swamp rats.  But there may be more to this than I first thought.  Perhaps the “swamp” Trump was referring to was not necessarily Congress and the career politicians, but rather the Obama Administration.  In an article published on April 5, author Lee Smith  (click on the image to read the story) takes us through a very convincing sequence of events, which implicate the past administration in corrupt abuse of intelligence.  One of the most glaring statements in that article follows:  “Increasingly, I believe that my conclusion in that piece was wrong (December 2016 article). I believe the spying was real and that it was done not in an effort to keep the country safe from threats—but in order to help the White House fight their domestic political opponents.

Corruption and scandal began early on in the Obama administration.  Of course, with the help of the media, things have been buried and kept out of the eye of the public.  Though they’d like us to forget, there is that little issue of Obama’s first Attorney General who was held in Contempt of Congress over the Fast and Furious scandal.  Did we ever see a call for Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch to recuse themselves from anything?  Ever? (I know, not a single scandal under Obama…).

We should also never forget the continuing IRS saga (scandal).  IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen is still on the hot seat as details continue to emerge.  This entire scandal also erupted under the watchful eye of the Obama administration and Lois Lerner.

And, there’s a whole lot more going on.  Perhaps it’s not just the exposure of the corruption of the Obama administration.  Perhaps there is also a matter of incompetence.  Just this past week, Dr. Ben Carson (jeered by the left as being incompetent) uncovered serious accounting errors at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  These accounting errors amounted to over $500 billion!  According to a Daily Wire article, “‘In one of his first acts as HUD Secretary, Carson ordered an audit of the agency. What he found was staggering: $520 billion in bookkeeping errors.  The total amounts of errors corrected in HUD’s notes and consolidated financial statements were $516.4 billion and $3.4 billion, respectively,’ the auditors wrote.”

Obama’s circle of incompetence runs deep.  It’s not just the people who worked in his administration.  Obama himself has demonstrated his share of incompetence and deception.  Of course there’s the obvious.  Like, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare.”  But more recently, his lie of ridding Syria of chemical weapons has been exposed.  (Hat tip:  The Washington Free Beacon).

What’s clear is that the Obama administration is the administration riddled with corruption, deception, and incompetence.  What is also becoming clearer is the efforts undertaken by the previous administration to derail Donald Trump were in part to avoid being exposed.  It began during his campaign, and continued through the transition period.  The media has once again been complicit in driving this narrative.  As the Tablet article above points out, the Obama administration leveraged the media to “leak” information to the public.  Unfortunately for them, it is beginning to backfire.  Americans are waking up and are becoming increasingly aware of this deceit.

The Trump/Putin collusion story is appearing more and more like a smokescreen, designed to draw our attention away from the truth.  Current events in Syria and tensions between the US and Russia don’t support that false narrative.  The Obama administration and the media have been working overtime to sell their false narrative because they fear being exposed.  Yes, the media also fears being exposed because it was the media who made Obama who he became.  It was the media who took a virtually unknown community organizer and helped him land the White House.  The media propped him up on a pedestal and sang his praises from day one.  They fear the truth as well.

Though Russia and Vladmir Putin make for a sexy story, what we are learning is that it was our own government under Obama (with the aid of the main stream media elites), who sought to undermine the election, not Russia.   Yes, we should be concerned about Congress and the career politicians who are very much beyond their time.  They too are very much a concern.  But it is beginning to appear the initial “swamp” to drain is not Congress.  The “swamp” draining is commencing with the past administration.


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